5 things the SkoolBag App does differently

01 November, 2018
Miles Thomas Avatar
Miles Thomas
Head of Marketing & Growth
5 things the SkoolBag App does differently

We take great pride in the SkoolBag app being the home screen for school-life for hundreds of thousands of parents, everyday. Not all school apps are equal and we work hard to ensure SkoolBag delivers the best possible experience - one that’s not available elsewhere. Here are some of the key benefits of the SkoolBag App.

1. Update your community from anywhere, anytime

A key feature of SkoolBag is the ability to update your community in real time, for free, via push notifications. We’ve recently made this feature available to Admin Users via the mobile app. So there’s no waiting to get behind a desk, you can post updates on-the-run!

2. One app to rule them all

With over 1 million parents using SkoolBag, there’s a good chance some of your parent community already have our app. That’s why it’s easy to add multiple schools. A single feed of school updates and a combined calendar simplifies every part of school-life.

3. Complete customisation & flexibility for your school

As a SkoolBag school, you have complete control over the setup of your app’s categories and profile. Customise your school’s profile page header with an image or colour to match your brand and include direct links to popular destinations. Any changes you do make will be updated in real-time and unlike other options, we will never incur additional costs.

4. Foster a more engaged community, with targeted updates

Content Groups allow your community to subscribe to relevant communications channels, such as Year Groups or Sports Teams. And there’s a security setting for every use-case. SkoolBag’s Content Groups can be open to everyone, restricted by password, private access or invite-only.

5. Capture digital signatures with ease

Our eForms enable parents to complete, sign and pay forms and permission slips in seconds. Meaning fewer phone calls and faster and absentee explanations.

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Miles Thomas Avatar
Miles Thomas
Head of Marketing & Growth

Miles loves helping schools bring their communities closer together. After years spent developing marketing and growth strategies for leading consumer technology brands, Miles is now dedicated to helping more schools unlock the power of SkoolBag.

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