Reducing costs and raising funds: essential ways a school app can help balance the books

26 November, 2018
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Miles Thomas
Head of Marketing & Growth
Reducing costs and raising funds: essential ways  a school app can help balance the books

We’ve always been proud of SkoolBag’s accessible pricing, it’s partly how we’ve spread to over two-and-a-half thousand schools. However, we know that in todays climate of uncertainty around the future of school funding, every dollar counts.

So when evaluating whether to invest in a school app, it’s important to consider the benefits and potential savings in other areas, such as reducing paper costs or raising more funds.

SkoolBag schools report seeing better student attendance, increased event engagement and a stronger sense of community. However investing in SkoolBag can also result in a positive impact on overall budgets. Here are the key areas where a SkoolBag communication app can help to balance the books.

1. Reduce paper costs

paper-waste.jpg Adopting SkoolBag’s eForms and eNewsletter can have a huge impact on the amount of paper printed every week for permission slips and newsletters.

Many schools have recognised the advantages of going completely paperless. One advantage is reducing your school’s environmental footprint.

To create one tonne of paper, it takes 24 trees, 90,000 litres of water, and 8,200 kilowatt hours of electricity, as well as oil and bleach. The process of creating paper also pollutes the air, not to mention the amount of landfill that’s produced from paper waste in schools. Printing also creates a significant amount of waste, with over 5,000 tonnes of material going into landfill every year.

And another is obviously a significant reduction in paper, printer and ink costs. At the most basic level, the physical costs associated with paper aren’t cheap.

Leaders in the education field estimate that the average school could use over 250,000 pieces of paper per year – averaging 6 cents per sheet, you’re investing a sizeable $15,000 into paper alone.

Just think about how much your school spends on paper each year and halve that cost. You’re likely to have already saved far more than the cost of a SkoolBag subscription.

2. Accept mobile payments

SkoolBag Payments.jpg Timely payments for events, school trips and excursions can make a big different to schools’ bottom-lines.

New research on Digital Payments Solutions unveils that over 14.5 million Australians aged 14+ (71.7%) use Digital Payment Solutions in a 12 month period.

SkoolBag accepts payments via the eForm feature, meaning you can easily add an option to take payment for school lunches, excursions or fundraising events. SkoolBag currently supports payments via Braintree (a PayPal Service) and we will be rolling out several new payment integrations in the near future.

3. Improve fundraising event awareness and attendance


The AEU’s State of Our Schools survey for 2017 found that 83% of schools use fundraising to add to their budgets, and that 90% of principals who fundraise describe it as ‘important’ or ‘very important’.

Consistent and compelling communication regarding your fundraising goals will help increase awareness and participation. Whilst strong engagement with fundraising events is a critical factor when looking to raise additional funds from your community.

The unified SkoolBag Calendar allows your community to easily see what’s happening in your school. It’s easy to add events to personal device calendars so there are no more excuses for missed events. You can also schedule notifications to go out prior to events, so nothing’s left to chance. SkoolBag eNewsletter also is a great way to promote upcoming events and fundraisers with image galleries and embeddable maps.

4. Attract Partnerships and Increase Donations

SkoolBag Business Directory We know that many schools have find it difficult to build partnerships and attract donations from their communities and beyond. Unlike other school apps, we don’t advertise within your school profile or newsletter.

Instead, we built the SkoolBag Business Directory to empower schools to leverage their community to increase local donations and raise funds for important projects.

The Business Directory allows schools to recognise local businesses who have supported their school within the SkoolBag App. Simply use the Admin Console to upload business details and they’ll be promoted in a Business Directory section of the app and the foot of posts.

Not only is this a great way to thank businesses for their support, it will encourage more contributions from other local businesses in the community who see your listing!

Over to you..

Ready to start balancing the books? Book a demonstration, submit an enquiry or give one of our communication specialists a call today on 1300 661 031. Or check out all the features of SkoolBag All-in-One on our Pricing Page.

Miles Thomas Avatar
Miles Thomas
Head of Marketing & Growth

Miles loves helping schools bring their communities closer together. After years spent developing marketing and growth strategies for leading consumer technology brands, Miles is now dedicated to helping more schools unlock the power of SkoolBag.

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