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Post from anywhere with the new, faster SkoolBag App

29 October, 2018
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Miles Thomas
Head of Marketing & Growth
Post from anywhere with the new, faster SkoolBag App

Australia’s leading school app brings school communication to the playground, school bus and sports field and beyond.

Last term, we launched the redesigned SkoolBag mobile app for Apple and Android devices. As well as getting a fresh new look, we implemented the latest design principles to meet the ever evolving standards of today’s app users. The technology behind the app was also updated for a faster and more reliable experience.

Today, we’re thrilled to see that the new SkoolBag App is ranked in the top 10 Education Apps in the Apple Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

A big thank you to the hundreds of Beta Testers who helped improve early versions of the app. Your feedback and suggestions have been incredibly helpful. Yesterday, we released a updated version of both Apple and Android Apps with some more breakthrough features and there are many more to come.

New Feature: Post updates (including photos) directly from the app


Admins and Group Managers can now compose entries directly from the SkoolBag Mobile App!

Upload photos of school trips whilst still on the road, share sports team results the moment after the final whistle or post updates from the playground. All this is now possible when you update to the latest version of SkoolBag. Use your device’s camera to add photos to posts and start connecting with your community on a whole new level.

This new feature unlocks a whole host of new opportunities to stay connected with your school community whilst keeping the same controls over who can post content. With SkoolBag’s advanced user management controls, you can give publishing access for specific areas of the app to any of your app users. No more waiting until you’re behind the desk, or asking other staff members to post on your behalf. Now you can chose to empower your community to post updates from anywhere!

Read more on getting the most out of this new feature.

Updated Feature : Archive Notifications (not posts)

SkoolBag Notifications.png To balance the needs of both users and schools, we’ve changed how notification archive works. To give schools complete control over content published to Categories and Groups, users can no-longer archive posts within the app. Instead, users are able to archive notifications from their notifications page.

Customisable School Profile Header Colours & Image

custom_school_profile.jpg The SkoolBag app lets you take control of your school’s profile page branding to ensure consistency across all your digital touch-points. You can now add a header image, or customise the colour of your school’s header within the new app.

Updated Feature: SkoolBag Discover keeps your community informed

SkoolBag Services.png All app users will have access to SkoolBag Discover as a way to keep your community informed about changes to the SkoolBag platform, ensuring everyone gets the most out of SkoolBag’s latest features and settings.

Updates from SkoolBag Discover will be clearly labeled a within users’ feeds and also available within the SkoolBag Services section of the app.

Popular services such as SkoolBag Family Essentials, which are not affiliated with schools will now be contained under SkoolBag Discover Content Groups.

If you have previously opted your school out of Family Essentials, your app users will not be added to the SkoolBag Discover Family Essentials Content Group.

We will be gradually rolling the SkoolBag Discover to schools over the coming weeks. Learn more about SkoolBag Services.

Here’s what some app users have said about the new app so far.


Uniting your community with The New SkoolBag App

The Home Feed: One feed to rule them all!

SkoolBag Homefeed.png The Home Feed feed is a dynamic, chronological feed of all the content to which users have subscribed. This includes all posts and events from your school(s), including any subscribed Groups. Easily browse the latest posts and keep across all school news. Tap cards to access rich media like videos, photo galleries, eForms and links right from the app.

School Profile: The homepage for school-life!

SkoolBag School Profile.png Your School Profile, displays all the important Content and Links from your school. Browse the latest mobile-responsive newsletters and access other General Content. Content Groups can be easily managed from here and respond to Absentee & Permission eForms in a few taps with eForms.

Notifications: One place for important updates!

SkoolBag Notifications.png

The Notifications tab displays all “Push Notifications” from schools and Groups to which you’re subscribed. The Notifications bell will show how many ‘Unseen’ notifications you have. As soon as you open the notifications screen, this will reset. Use the Archive icon to remove notifications from this view.

Events: Never miss an important event again!

SkoolBag Events.png Your synced school calendar will populate the Events tab with all the latest school events. We’ve updated the Events calendar to give you an easy overview of what’s going on in your school. Days with events have dots so you can quickly head to what’s happening at any of your schools. Click on an event card to see details and add to your device’s Calendar.

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Miles Thomas Avatar
Miles Thomas
Head of Marketing & Growth

Miles loves helping schools bring their communities closer together. After years spent developing marketing and growth strategies for leading consumer technology brands, Miles is now dedicated to helping more schools unlock the power of SkoolBag.

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