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Teacher, Student & Parent Wellbeing: How Technology Plays A Role

30 May, 2019
Adam Mathew Avatar
Adam Mathew
Parent and Content Contributor
Teacher, Student & Parent Wellbeing: How Technology Plays A Role

Too often when we hear the word “technology” chased by the phrase “our kids” there’s a negative connotation on the way. A finger is about to be wagged.

Yes, there’s probably a bit too much Netflix going on with this generation. And you can take it from a veteran video games critic with offspring of his own. Being told to go run around outside with a stick is a tough sell next to a PlayStation.

Don’t believe me? I found my six and nine-year-old in the backyard yesterday. They were sitting cross-legged on the lawn in front of a tipped over cardboard box. The family cat was asleep inside and one of them was pushing imaginary buttons on the sandal “controller” gripped in his hands. Evidently, they’d spent a fair chunk of the afternoon going for the high score on Cat™. It was pretty bleak. 2-8de72b.jpg

Digital wellbeing – what does it mean?

General wellbeing refers to the capacity to live our lives as closely as possible to our ideal existence. It’s sense of self. We’re talking life satisfaction and the promotion of positive relationships with other people. Where possible, of course. Some folks are just difficult.

“Wellbeing [isn’t] just thinking about the fleeting moments of happiness we experience but also our overall satisfaction with life” – Vanessa King, Master of Positive Psychology, UPA

Building off that concept, digital wellbeing is defined as the skills and capability of the individual to positively co-exist with digital technologies. It’s the daily balance many of us are faced with today. The ability to sensibly juggle work-life balance, relationships, safety and personal health in this fast-moving, globally interconnected world of ours. Technology can delight, educate and entertain, but you there’s always a downside to the latest gizmos. You don’t have to be a raging luddite to spot pitfalls that include:


General digital wellbeing solutions

Hopefully I’ve not just painted digital technology as the root of all evil. It isn’t. The benefits of technology far outweigh the downsides. We just need to be willing to take some steps to control it (and not the other way around). In terms of a schooling environment, there are also some simple steps to take to make life more pleasant.


How digital communication and tech plays a role

By implementing some of the concepts above, digital wellbeing can offer benefits to everyone, especially through a dedicated school app. For starters, these can help parents and guardians enjoy a greater sense of community and connection to their school. Being better informed and organised ensures they can make better plans to attend and share special at events with their children. Even the simple fact of knowing it’s “exam season” can help a caregiver to deal with increased stress.

Likewise, teachers and faculty can maximise their own personal wellbeing with effective digital communication. The distribution of educational content through a school app will instill a better sense of connection and community. A caregiver’s communication with you need not solely be centred on reacting to a negative situation. School apps facilitate healthier, more rewarding relationships with parents. When everybody is on the same page – a digital one, not a printed handout that’s been lost – everybody is less stressed. And the less stress, the happier everybody is!

Over to you

If your school is keen to realise the wellbeing benefits of a school app, speak to Warren, our school communication specialist about how to get the most out of SkoolBag.

Adam Mathew Avatar
Adam Mathew
Parent and Content Contributor

Adam is a father, a husband and a long-time entertainment critic. Before joining the SkoolBag team he was a day-to-day user of the app. He hates receiving printed newsletters with week-old fruit break on them.

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