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Why does my school need a mobile app? 7 indispensable answers for parents

09 December, 2018
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Miles Thomas
Head of Marketing & Growth
Why does my school need a mobile app? 7 indispensable answers for parents

For many schools considering making the move to a school communication app, the benefits of an app are clear: less paper wastage, more efficient administration and reliable, unified communication to parents.

However, when pitching a school communication app to parent communities, it’s important to convey the benefits in a way that immediately resonates. If you don’t communicate how an app will simplify school-life for parents, you may encounter some of these questions:

“Why does my school need a mobile app? What are the benefits of a school app for parents? Or Why is a school app better than email or Facebook?”

All these questions are valid and luckily there are some compelling answers! We’ve compiled the most common parent questions and set out some clear answers below.

What are the benefits of a school app for parents?

As a parent, life is a real juggling act. A school communication app makes it that little bit simpler.

1. All school information in one place, in your pocket
It’s important to know that all the information you need from your school such as important events, last minute notices and permission forms can be found in one place when you need it.

A school’s app profile is completely customisable. This means that your school can publish important updates to the app and link to frequently used services like canteen payments, uniform shops or learning management platforms. So SkoolBag acts as your home-screen for school-life meaning you’ll always have the latest information at your fingertips.

2. Only messages that are relevant to YOU
With the Skoolbag app, you can subscribe to relevant groups, so that you’re only receiving communications that are relevant to YOU. This means you won’t be bombarded by emails for sports teams of which your children don’t belong! With SkoolBag you have complete control.

3. Submit forms from ANYWHERE, anytime
Who hasn’t misplaced an important piece of paper or struggled to find an email in their inbox? Imagine the convenience of submitting absentee notices and permission slips from your phone. No more discovering notes in the bottom of the school bag, or waiting to speak to the school reception.

Why is a school app better than email or Facebook?

1. Fewer emails in your inbox!
Globally a staggering 269 billion emails are sent each day! With the average office worker receiving 121 emails per day, chances are, your inbox is pretty full right now. SkoolBag enables parents to receive push notifications to your phone’s home screen to ensure important messages cut through the noise.

2. Facebook has its limitations
In recent years, many schools have turned to Facebook as a way to extend their engagement with parents. Whilst Facebook (and other social platforms) can form an important part of a school’s overall communication strategy, it’s important to recognise the limitations of the platform for schools.

3. Parents are more likely to have a smartphone than a Facebook account
Whilst Facebook’s audience is broad, with approximately 60% of the population holding an active account, that still means 40% of the population are not using the platform. In contrast, smartphone ownership in Australia is amongst the highest in the world, and is expected to surpass 90% by the end of 2018. All this means that SkoolBag is accessible to a larger proportion of your school’s audience.

4. Facebook can’t guarantee that your message gets seen
Facebook has come under fire recently for their handling of user data. Given that their business model is built around advertising, it’s not surprising that their first allegiance is to their customers (advertisers) not their users. The implications of this is that school messages on Facebook will always compete for attention with paying advertisers. There’s no guarantee that your school’s important updates will be seen.

5. Questions over content
The content you post to SkoolBag will always be yours. The same can’t be said for what goes on Facebook, given that their Privacy Policy enables them to a license to use any content, without your express permission.

Conversely, some school content is only intended for certain audiences. SkoolBag gives your school complete control over which groups users have access to, when posts should be removed and who has access to the app.

A word from our parents and schools

The SkoolBag App is loved by hundreds of thousands of parents, here’s what some of them have said about the app. smartmockups_jnwc6498-e6bec4.png

Not to mention our happy school customers.

Over to you

If your school is keen to realise the benefit of a communication app, ensure you present the advantages clearly to parents, before putting the idea a survey. Or better yet, speak to Warren, our school communication specialist about how to best manage the conversation.

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Miles Thomas
Head of Marketing & Growth

Miles loves helping schools bring their communities closer together. After years spent developing marketing and growth strategies for leading consumer technology brands, Miles is now dedicated to helping more schools unlock the power of SkoolBag.

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