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Louise Scope Avatar
Louise Scope
Beacon Hill Public School.

"We've saved at least half a day per week by switching to SkoolBag's eNewsletter. Our admin team used to stay late formatting PDFs but it's so much easier with templates."

Matt Stockton Avatar
Matt Stockton
Principal, Whatawhata School.

"It works just like online web design apps. Whether text, photos, links or anything it was pretty easy. The end result looks really professional on all devices which is the winner for me."

Upgrade to a modern school newsletter

Struggling with collaborating in Word? Frustrated by external suppliers?
Looking for a better school newsletter design?

Take control with SkoolBag eNewsletter and save hours every time you design & publish. With the easy-to-use editor, you’ll spend less time formatting - and your newsletter will be pixel-perfect on any device.


Grow Your Readership

Grow Your Readership

Track how your readership grows for each newsletter with viewer stats. Unlike clunky PDF files, it's works perfectly on mobile devices (where most of your community are reading!).

Translate to any language

Translate to any language

SkoolBag eNewsletter comes with 1-click translation to over 100 languages. So you can ensure all members of your community are connected to school life.

Your newsletter, your content.

Your newsletter, your content.

Unlike other services, we don't put advertising in your school newsletter.

Key Features

Faster Publishing, Fewer Headaches.

Create Once, Publish Anywhere

Share you newsletter weblink by email, social media and your app: so no-one will miss out on your updates.

Print to PDF

eNewsletter helps your school save paper and the environment, but you can still print & create PDFs.

Easy-to-use Designer

Our pre-designed templates mean anyone can create great-looking newsletters, fast.

Mobile Friendly

Your newsletter layout will resize automatically for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Instant Changes

Make changes in real-time (no more waiting for designers or suppliers!) - even after publishing.

Faster Publishing, Fewer Headaches.
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Custom Design

Add a background image, change your template fonts or colours.

Unlimited Content

Upload photos, embed videos, attach files or even embed audio. The possibilities are endless.

Viewer Stats

Get stats on how many people have viewed your newsletter.

Picture Gallery

Upload multiple pictures into an easily viewable picture gallery.

Privacy Controls

Stay public, control access to sensitive information or go completely private.

Bring your school together, today.

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