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How Dalby South State School brings their community together with SkoolBag

How Dalby South State School brings their community together with SkoolBag

This month we chatted to Lyn Fletcher, Deputy Principal at Dalby South State School, Queensland about how they use SkoolBag in their community.

Hi Lyn! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! Tell us a bit about SkoolBag and the role it plays for your school.

Having the app, push notifications, calendar and email in one place simplifies how we communicate. I especially love being able to schedule notices for later; this helps when you know what you want to put out and when but know you may be in a meeting or busy elsewhere at the time you want the alert to go out. It’s also perfect for me being a bit of a night owl!

” We love SkoolBag, it plays an important role in our school community. We know we can rely on it to get messages out.”

Great! Tell us a bit more about your school

Dalby South State School is a Prep- Year 6 school with an enrolment of about 620 students. We are situated at the eastern entrance of Dalby on the Darling Downs in Queensland. Dalby South has long been recognised as a school that consistently delivers exceptional academic, cultural and sporting opportunities. We are proud of our school’s reputation and are continually striving to further enhance this achievement through focusing on each individual student.

How does your school use SkoolBag?

We use SkoolBag for all aspects of school communication. From newsletter, notes home and other parent information to sharing documents and timetables, daily notices and other internal staff communications. We are enjoying the new “subscription groups” facility. It has made it much easier to get information out to parents about particular interest areas be that Year level or specific interest groups such as Choir, Instrumental Music and particular sporting activities. Our Staff folder is passworded and not open to all. We also use the widget to ensure all updates are on our website.

Why do you choose SkoolBag over other communication options?

We really wanted to be able to make information easily available for parents. We chose SkoolBag because it’s so flexible. We use it for internal staff communication as well as parent updates. Just about anything we want to do can be achieved with the platform.

What results have you seen since you started using SkoolBag?

We were using paper communications only before SkoolBag. With SkoolBag, we’ve really noticed that our community is more informed about what’s happening. Although we do still use some paper communication with parents, with SkoolBag we can be sure that parents have access to all communications that the school puts out. It also saves a huge amount of our admin staff’s time and paper. Our parents are more informed and our staff more productive!

Can you think of any occasions when SkoolBag has been especially valuable?

SkoolBag is a great vehicle to help in informing parents of when an excursion pickup time has changed or when rehearsals or training sessions are cancelled due to staff sickness or weather issues. When our students go on Camp, we use SkoolBag to publish photos from the day late at night or early the next day. When parents see through the photos that their children are enjoying themselves on an excursion, they are more relaxed about children being away from home. It is also a quick and effective way to get a message out to staff. Using the notification and email facility together means all the bases are covered.

What would you say to other schools considering using SkoolBag?

I’d definitely recommend SkoolBag to other schools, it is so easy to setup and use; the app is easy to adopt and parents have taken to it. It has become an integral part of our communication systems with parents and staff. We certainly can’t imagine school life without it!

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